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I just wanted to outline my plans for this blog before I jumped in.

I’ve grown up in a small conservative Reformed (well, Presbyterian, but you know) denomination, which I love dearly.

A while back, I started to question some fundamentals of Reformed belief, mainly in the area of Sola Scriptura and Ecclesiology. For a long time, I just kept ‘asking questions’ and waited for the answer to come. As a student of history, I feel quite attracted to the arguments put by the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches with regards to the role of the Church in authenticating Scripture, but I am convinced of God’s sovereignty and the doctrine of predestination. A conundrum!

So instead of waiting for the answer to my questions to come to me through osmosis, I’ve taken up my daily devotions and prayer again, and am reading as much Reformed material as I can. Hopefully, this blog will be a part of that process. I want to not only attend a Reformed Church, but to be able to defend (or at least have an educated opinion on) every part of Christian Doctrine. I want to be the spiritual leader in my home, not the-most-educated-but-the-one-with-the-biggest-doubts.

My plan is to review the books I read, post on the devotions I’m reading through (the Psalms privately, Judges as a family), and whatever else comes to mind with regards to the Christian Walk.

I have a background in politics (studying it in Uni, and working for a few years as a staffer to a few politicians), and I used to spending most of my spare time reading about anything to do with it. But to be honest, I’m a little over politics at the moment. I’m going to try and pretend it all doesn’t exist for a while, and focus on more personal spiritual matters for a time.

Anyway, hopefully this exercise is a blessing for all involved. I’ve never blogged or kept a diary seriously before.