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I have given this plug before, but I must do so again:

Pastor Joe Morecraft III, of Chalcedon Presbyterian Church┬áin Cumming, GA, has done all those interested in History an outstanding service. By following this link to Sermon Audio, you will arrive at his History of the Reformation series of audio lectures and sermons. I cannot express well enough how illuminating, enlightening, and invaluable these sermons are. In fact, at my Church┬áright now, we’re having a Sunday School series of the Reformed Faith in American History, and I have to say that this is a most valuable pre-supplement to it.

I am particularly fond of his several lectures on John Knox and the Scottish Covenanters. Also to be indulged, are his ones on Oliver Cromwell, a most controversial figure of the Reformation in England. Hearing about the godly lives of these men is a great encouragement in the faith, and is likely to help kindle the fire so already passionately lit by Scripture reading, prayer, and subsequent obedience. Not only are these pictures given by Pastor Morecraft a retelling of the godliness of the Reformation’s leaders, but they are full of suspense, mystery, and much more action than Hollywood is able to give.

I heartily (and when I say heartily, I mean heartily) recommend this 48 sermon series. No, this does not mean you (or I) will agree with everything Pastor Morecraft says, or that Pastor Morecraft is infallibe (as he certainly wouldn’t claim to be), but it means that I believe this is a contribution of great richness given by him and his church. These lectures are free, but after having heard them, I must say they’re worth paying for. Enjoy!