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A Real Puritan Blogger

If there had been blogs in the Puritan era, and I could pick one of those gentlemen whose blog I’d look forward to every day, I think I’d have to go with William Gurnall. While reading through his The Christian in Complete Armour, I’ve noticed that most of Gurnall’s words can be used effectively in both collective form, or with certain passages isolated. Even these, when taken from their larger context, have wonderful, poignant, and biblically consistent messages. They are stand alone tidbits of good and practical Christian theology.

Needless to say, Gurnall would make for a much better blogger than I, or for that matter, most people. I’ve enjoyed almost everything I’ve read thus far in Complete Armour. There’s definitely more of it marked up by my pen than not. “They being dead, yet speak…” may certainly and aptly describe the works of this faithful Puritan author. Allow me to once again whet your appetites to the Puritans of old.

On true godliness:

Your morals may be impeccable, but if you do not worship God, then you are an atheist. If you worship Him and that devoutly, but not according to Scripture, you are an idolator. If according to the rule, but not according to the spirit of the gospel, then you are a hypocrite.

Concerning temptation:

If you wish to stand firm in the midst of suffering, forewarn yourself of this fact: Temptation is never stronger than when relief seems to dress itself in the very sin that Satan is suggesting.

On Satan’s devices:

If you want to be protected from your enemy as a troubler, you must take heed of him as a seducer. You can be sure he takes heed of you! The handle of the hatchet with which he chops at the root of the Christian’s comfort is commonly made of the Christian’s own wood. Satan is only a creature and cannot work without tools. He can indeed make much from a little, but he cannot make anything out of nothing. We see this in his assault on Christ, where he troubled himself to no purpose because he came and found nothing in Him (John 14:30).

And so, I think it’s safe to say that William Gurnall may turn out to be one of my favorite Puritan authors. I encourage you to bask in the wealth of the Puritans and make good on their writings which are available to you.


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