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Why Does A Church Have A Youth Ministry?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why a church has (or should have) a youth ministry? Youth ministry is never talked about in any of Paul’s epistles and there really isn’t much of a precedent for separating youth in the isolated way most churches do. This questions is one that every person involved with youth ministry should be able to answer. From the senior pastor, to the elders, to parents, to volunteers, to the paid youth worker.

As I began to think about this question one thing that popped into my mind is that fact that most parents in the church don’t live up to their responsibilities. Most parents don’t catechize their children, teach them the scriptures, or do any sort of ‘home church’ activities.…

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I have given this plug before, but I must do so again:

Pastor Joe Morecraft III, of Chalcedon Presbyterian Church in Cumming, GA, has done all those interested in History an outstanding service. By following this link to Sermon Audio, you will arrive at his History of the Reformation series of audio lectures and sermons. I cannot express well enough how illuminating, enlightening, and invaluable these sermons are. In fact, at my Church right now, we’re having a Sunday School series of the Reformed Faith in American History, and I have to say that this is a most valuable pre-supplement to it.

I am particularly fond of his several lectures on John Knox and the Scottish Covenanters. Also to be indulged, are his ones on Oliver Cromwell, a most controversial figure of the Reformation in England.…

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On Assurance of Salvation

I think I get all my ideas on things to post from the Puritanboard.  We were talking about forgiveness of sins this past week in Sunday School and this conversation brought to mind some reflections on the Gospel and our assurance of salvation.  A brother asked:

If one has trouble or find that one can not seem to forgive someone for a wrong can one really be assured of one’s own salvation? This question is just something that I have been wrestling with.

Have you ever questioned whether you are saved or not? After reading Jonathan Edwards “religious affections” One thought that came to mind is that, I wonder if I am really what I think that I am. If I am not a believer this is truly somekind of self-deception.

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