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First Things

I just wanted to outline my plans for this blog before I jumped in.

I’ve grown up in a small conservative Reformed (well, Presbyterian, but you know) denomination, which I love dearly.

A while back, I started to question some fundamentals of Reformed belief, mainly in the area of Sola Scriptura and Ecclesiology. For a long time, I just kept ‘asking questions’ and waited for the answer to come. As a student of history, I feel quite attracted to the arguments put by the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches with regards to the role of the Church in authenticating Scripture, but I am convinced of God’s sovereignty and the doctrine of predestination. A conundrum!

So instead of waiting for the answer to my questions to come to me through osmosis, I’ve taken up my daily devotions and prayer again, and am reading as much Reformed material as I can.…

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On Douglas Wilson and Covenant Children

In a discussion about Covenant Children, Rev. Winzer wrote:

Believing parents are given a prime opportunity to be the means of their children’s conversion. Children of believers are more culpable for their unbelief because they have sinned against means. Believing parents become culpable for their children’s unbelief if they do not provide the means for their children’s repentance.

Concise and elegant as usual.

As critical as I’ve been of Wilson, it is not because I am unfamiliar with his work on the Christian family. I have read a number of his works, even used portions for studies on marriage and child-rearing. It is not all bad and there is some practical wisdom found therein.

Even before I thought Wilson was going in the wrong direction theologically, I would have warned a person to read him with a grain of salt and not completely drink the Koolaid in his writings.…

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