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Let it be known that I love my church, Texarkana Reformed Baptist Church, and that I am committed to her cause as being salt and light here in Texarkana, Arkansas/Texas. I am most thankful for the Elders under which I freely, gladly, and under no compulsion serve. These men and their teachings have been invaluable to me and words cannot express the gratitude I hold for them and their work.

I have commented before on how thankful I am for my Church home here. That same sentiment stands. Woe be it unto me to ever publish anything that could be seen as seeking to undermine the things which my church holds dear, under the collective leadership of the Elders. There are someĀ things I’ve published previously which I asked questions concerning, but having reconsidered them I deleted those particular posts and comments. I didn’t do that because I’m two-faced. Rather, I thought to myself, “Such a public display could be misconstrued as a possible attempt to undermine the teaching of the Church which I hold covenant with.”

And so, some time back, I removed the posts in question. Anyway, I’m thankful to our God for sovereignly and providentially putting me where I’m at, and want it to be known that I never want to give the appearance of publicly rebuking the beliefs of the consciences of the Elders at Texarkana Reformed Baptist Church, as I can’t say, in an ultimate and final sense, that I disagree with them. I hold them in high regard, with utmost respect and humility, knowing that they are indeed more learned men than myself.

So…let it be known.

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