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If you haven’t listened to the debate between Paul Manata and Dan Barker on the question “Is Christianity or Atheism More Rational?” then please check it out at Unchained Radio

I just listened to the debate this morning while working out. Great job Paul!

I’m not precisely sure that Paul was talking over Dan Barker’s head. Dan just knows he doesn’t have reasonable answers to real questions so he disallows the questions. This is typical of Dan Barker from what I’ve heard before. I just realized that he is popular because he is irrational and unthinking and populist. He is a postmodern populist atheist.

I’m waiting for the transcript but Barker’s closing statement (as was the rest of his stuff) was a vaccuous “we have meaning because we say we have meaning” and “we have purpose and are good because we say we are good”. He admits that, cosmically, we have the value of broccoli but “here and now” we believe we have meaning so we do. It’s idiotic but it might as well have been a Finney-like altar call for atheism with the mindless atheists weeping and coming forward to embrace belief for belief’s sake.

Barker preaches to the choir. He makes atheists feel good about who they are. He doesn’t present arguments but, because atheists are only looking for affirmation, he gives them what they like. Paul’s analogies were very good and very funny at times (I burst out laughing a few times in the gym). In the final analysis, however, Paul was appealing to rational thought and Barker was making populist statements.

Paul concluded with a call to Barker’s repentance. The general call of the Gospel. He held out words of life to Dan. He presented argument for the Christian faith and Barker had no answer except to play the fool. In the end, Barker heaped curses upon himself. He gnashed his teeth and shook his fist at Christ and then turned His hatred toward God the Father.

I fear that Mr. Barker will have all eternity to contemplate the folly of his words last night.

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